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A human relationship starts with being friends, but we don’t know when that friendship turns into love. The main problem begins after that, where one can become forever friend, best friend, or have the chance to be their boyfriend or girlfriend. This happens when the other person is unable to reciprocate the same feelings as you. Below are 15 REASONS WHY YOU WERE CLASSIFIED AS A FRIEND, which may probably be the reasons for your celibacy.

However, the term “friend-zoned,” as clichéd as it may seem, maybe a fun term to hear, but only those with whom this happens to understand. We start taking care of the other person, we do everything in our power not to upset her, we become her best friend, and yet she doesn’t seem to see us the same way. It is very difficult to be in the area of friends because you always have to hold on to yourself so as not to accidentally reveal your feelings. This harms your well-being because you can be his friend for a long time, after getting to know you, he loves your friendliness, he does his job by you, he can be very caring and loving towards you but does not see you in the same light. Without you, he feels sad, however, not a slightly sad girlfriend.

One thing you need to remember is to move on and not be obsessed with them because it will only further degrade your relationship. You can try, but don’t hold on to it or despair, because it diminishes your self-esteem and dignity. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to do or end the friendship you have with him now. Always keep your head up. You may be curious why he doesn’t see you the way you see him, and for a while, it can be upsetting, but you have to respect him fully and move on.



The reason above is not sexist, it is rather a feeling. Because of the time you spend endlessly with it, you know almost everything about each other. So much so that you became his brother. He’ll ask you and tell you about everything, what he wouldn’t tell a girl if you were a man. At first, you wanted to know him as a person, but unknowingly or unintentionally, you made him too comfortable with you, well beyond the threshold of returning from a relationship.

From that moment on, you are literally like a male friend to him, and now he can no longer see you in a romantic relationship with him. Until now, you had only one embrace, and now intimacy, whatever it is, is completely absent. It’s a generally known fact that men keep everything apart, so that too shouldn’t shock you. The best option is to move on.


It may sound good or weird, but it is not. You have a chaste relationship with him; the highest peak you’ve ever climbed was just a peck on the cheek. He sees you as his little sister, with whom he likes to spend time, have fun, fight like cats and dogs, but still, he is always there for you. Just as he would for his sister, he cares so much about you and will always take your position.

In this situation, when you cross the barrier, he will explain why it will not work and why it is better as it is now. He is honest with you and will apologize for rejecting you, but at the same time, he will keep your spirits up, don’t forget that. Anyway, you feel hurt, but it’s better than when the feelings are mutual. If he says you are like his sister, take it instead as a eulogy and continue to cling to your friendship, which is the most important of all.