Top 8 Disappointing TV Show Finales Ever

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7. Dexter

Top 8 Disappointing TV Show Finales Ever

The creators of the story of a maniac hunting maniacs suddenly decided that a happy ending for a serial killer was out of the question. Let’s fry it on an electric chair! It’s a shame, we’ve been very attached to Dex and his style of justice. That’s why, apparently, in the last episode, there was a distant forest and an infamous lumberjack. The finale was extremely unsatisfactory.

8. A deadly weapon

Lethal Weapon was a rare case where a television adaptation of a film was even better than the original. This was mainly due to the chemistry between the new Murtaugh and Riggs. Crawford has sometimes gone too far in terms of psychopathy, but Damon Wayans reliably played the role of the aging cop who was getting too old for this or that. However, after Crawford’s debacle on set, the producers decided to get rid of him for the sake of the series. Apparently, getting rid of the “lethal weapon” didn’t mean the series was over. They just slapped a new actor and thought we’d like it to be like this. Sean William Scott, yes, the guy from American Pie was supposed to play the role of the hard-boiled special agent. And to tell you the truth, he was really good, but he and Wayans didn’t have that spark. After filming season 3, Wayans left the series. Good riddance!