Top 8 Disappointing TV Show Finales Ever

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5. Lost

Over the past decade, JJ Abrams and Damon Lindeloff have both explained their decision on numerous occasions, claiming that so many fan theories have been published on the Internet that any ending would have been a disappointment or worse – a fanfiction of a random user. And this one, along with Purgatory and death, was at least the most unexpected. Yes, don’t give us good stories, we require unexpected TV diarrhea.

6. How I Met Your Mother

Top 8 Disappointing TV Show Finales Ever

Unlike “Friends”, which did an incredible job to conclude the story, HIMYM delivered only partially. In the last season, the three hours of the wedding were stretched into twenty episodes, where we met the mother, had children with her, and even watched the mother die somehow. The twist is that all this time, our beloved architect Shmosby was giving the children the stories of his youth so they could give him the green light to go out with the one who escaped – Robin. It’s pretty twisted.