Top 10 Solar Power Plants

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5. California Valley Solar Ranch

Listed as a 250MWp solar energy plant, the California Valley Solar Ranch is that the 5th largest solar energy farm in the world.

Its construction began in 2011, and as of February 2013, it’s been generating 550 gigawatt-hours of energy per annum, powering local households and businesses during peak energy consumption hours (typically between noon and 5 PM).

This solar energy plant occupies 1,966 acres of land of great concern during the plant’s development was the fact that the valley in which it was to be built is home to 13 species of animals that are considered endangered by the state of California or the federal of US.

However, SunPower, the contractor responsible for the plant’s construction and operation, has worked with the area people to attenuate the likelihood of damaging the habitat of those animals.


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