The 7 best jobs for work-life balance

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It is essential to make efforts for your career on the road to success. But spending too much time on your work can make your overall life quite stressful. Some studies show that 76% of employees feel that their stress at work has a detrimental effect on their personal life and relationships. Other studies show that 66% of employees regularly lose sleep due to work-related stress. This is why it is necessary to achieve a healthy balance between work and personal time. Without this, your work can start to consume your life completely. Some careers are more conducive than others for maintaining this balance. To find out the best career areas that can help you keep your life in order, check out The 7 best jobs for work-life balance


Web Developer – Median Salary: 73,760

The 7 best jobs for work-life balance

A web developer position is an excellent option for reconciling work and private life and does not require multiple graduate degrees to earn it. Many web developers can start working in this field after graduating as an associate, which usually takes two years.

Web developer positions are also very interesting if you prefer to work from home, as many are independent or work on a contractual basis.


Management Analyst – Median Salary: 85,260

Management analysts are highly ranked in terms of work-life balance. This is partly due to the fact that most management analysts work for themselves and decide when they work and when they rest.

This allows them to control their schedules week after week, which in itself is a way to reduce stress.

Hairdresser – Median salary: 26,270

Becoming a hairdresser is a great option for those looking to have more control over their work schedules. According to online sources, almost half of hairdressers work on their own behalf, run their own business or are independent in one way or another.

You don’t have to have a graduate degree to become a hairdresser, you have to get a bachelor’s degree in your state and you have to go through a training program or a cosmetology school.


Athletic Coach – Median: 34,840

If you have a sports background and don’t like 9-5, work and everyday life, sports coaching can be your strong point. Unlike other professions, sports coaches may be required to work evenings, weekends and even certain holidays.

But unlike other professions, the sport has off-seasons, which means coaches have an extended period of time to relax and do other things outside of coaching.

Dental Hygienist – Median Salary: 73,220

The 7 best jobs for work-life balance

The field of dental hygiene is another career path that does not require several years of study. An associate-level is the standard level of education for many dental hygienists.

In addition, this career promotes a good balance between work and personal time, as many dental hygienists work part-time and also have weekends and holidays.

Translator/interpreter – Median salary: 51,830

Translators and interpreters do a similar job of translating languages; but translators perform this task for written content, while interpreters translate in person, usually for an audience or video content.

These two roles are amazing options for work-life balance, as you can perform many of these types of missions remotely or at your leisure. If you perform in-person, you will probably have the luxury of working on your own schedule.

Telemarketer – Median salary: 26,290

The 7 best jobs for work-life balance

This post may not be the most rewarding, but it is a good compromise compared to the potential and flexibility it offers.

Telemarketing is ranked among the best jobs for work-life balance, as many of these positions are offered as remote roles.

If you have enough confidence and stamina to make cold calls and handle some customer hang-ups, you could benefit greatly from this job.