The 15 strangest places in the world you should visit in 2021

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4. Fingal Cave

The 15 strangest places in the world

The remote islands of Staffa in Scotland are home to a unique natural phenomenon: square caves! We are used to the caves being round and rocky, but this is not the case with the Fingal Cave. It has a square hole and all the formations inside are also very geometric. They are simply breathtaking!

3. Uluru Monolith

The 15 strangest places in the world

Australia is home to a plethora of strange and wonderful things, but Uluru monolith is one of the most important. This gigantic mountain is actually a huge rock 348 meters high. Yes, you heard right – just a rock! And you won’t see anything like it in the vicinity – it’s just sitting there on flat ground as if someone had thrown it there…

2. Mount Kelimutu

The 15 strangest places in the world

Mount Kelimutu is a very special mountain because it contains three lakes of different colors. One is turquoise, another is black and the last is sky blue. Together, they are the most fascinating show ever! To make things even weirder, the colors of these three lakes change all the time.

1. Ruby Falls

Head to Lookout Mountain, near Tennessee, for the most majestic sight: Ruby Falls. Yes, the lighting is artificial and far from natural, but it doesn’t make Ruby Falls any less spectacular! Take advantage of the stalactites, stalagmites, and numerous cave formations inside Lookout Mountain to marvel at its red waters.