The 15 strangest places in the world you should visit in 2021

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12. Jellyfish Lake

The Palau region has more than 70 lakes, but only one of them is called jellyfish lake. You can easily guess why! In 2013, the authorities closed the lake to visitors because the jellyfish had almost disappeared… and then everything changed! In just a few years, the jellyfish population has returned to its “normal” level.

11. Lake Natron

How about a lake that mummifies its visitors? Birds and animals that visit Lake Natron often turn into scary-looking mummies through calcification. I do not know if the lake really plays a role in the death of these animals or if they happen to have something to do with it, but the result is frightening to say the least.

10. Dead Vlei

Visiting a dry oasis may not seem like the most romantic idea, but just look at the colors and textures of Dead Vlei! The name can be roughly translated as “dead marsh,” and it gives views as you’ve never seen before.

9. Christ of the abyss

The submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ is a favorite spot for divers from all over the world. It is 2.5 meters high, which is impressive even underwater! Attach this place to the list of must-see things in Italy.