The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021

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The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021


1. Chimpanzee

The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021

You probably guessed that our first choice was going to be this smart animal. Indeed, the chimpanzee is, along with orangutans, most often considered the monkey and the smartest animal of all.

Chimpanzees from Africa are known to be smarter than humans and may have better short-term memory than humans, at least according to a 2013 study. Chimpanzees are also competent problem solvers, able to observe and understand certain situations and use tools such as stones and sticks when looking for food. This is not a monkey thing!


2. Dolphins

The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021

With the largest brain of all the others of the same size, weighing on average about 3.5 pounds, it is not surprising that the bottlenose dolphin is an intelligent mammal.

They show their intelligence by deliberately having fun underwater. Studies have shown that they also have self-awareness, as evidenced by their ability to recognize their reflections in a mirror. They are found in temperate and tropical waters around the world. We even know that they use marine sponges to avoid injury and that they are intelligent to solve problems.

3. The Elephant

The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021

The world’s largest animal is known for its long memory and ability to empathize with each other.

Elephants also use physical contact and vocal sounds to comfort other elephants when they are in distress. What might be more surprising is that they apparently feel grief when they mourn the death of other members of their species. Located in Africa and Asia, elephants also seem to understand human language and even imitate human voices.


4. Raven

The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021

It is said that these cunning birds are actually waiting patiently for a car to crack the shell of a nut. While this is true, crows have also proven that they have reasoning abilities that rival those of a seven-year-old human. Crows are probably the only non-primate animals that use tools, such as sticks and hooks, which they use to extract food from logs and branches.

Found in almost every region of the world, crows also have the ability to distinguish different people by recognizing facial features.

5. Orangutan

The 10 Smartest Animals In The World 2021

Its reddish-brown monkey is one of the most intelligent primates on earth, along with chimpanzees. Originally from Southeast Asia, it has been shown that orangutans are able to communicate with people through the use of symbols and sounds. And can use tools in various applications.

Orangutans can also communicate through sign language and are skilled nest builders. It only takes a few minutes to make new ones each night and choose branches that support their weight.

6. Rat

Small and ingenious, these rodents are known to adapt very well to changing situations. They also have an excellent memory, since it is said that they never forget a certain navigation root. according to a 2011 study, rats even showed social intelligence. When presented with food, many of them first freed the caged rats from the experiment so that both could eat.

In terms of communication, rats can communicate by touch, smell, and even at frequencies, we cannot hear. Rats can also recognize their names and answer a call.

7. Pig

Believe it or not, these popular farm animals are absolutely trainable; their memories last up to three years and they adapt to certain situations in survival mode.

Pigs also own a great sense of direction and can find their way over long distances. Perhaps more shocking is that a pig can also learn to play. A university professor discovered that all a pig needed was a joystick, a computer, and joystick-oriented video games and the result was that the pig used his snout to move the stick.

8. African grey parrot

It is well known that parrots are intelligent birds that can be trained to say short words and imitate human speech. They are even known to mimic the phone ringtones and the sound of garbage trucks reversing.

In a 2011 study, African grey parrots were found to have deduction and elimination abilities after experiments that allowed them to discover where food was hidden, a type of intelligence previously observed only in humans and primates. Of course, their proven ability to learn to say more than 100 words is also impressive.

9. Border Collie

The poodle and the German shepherd round out the top 3 smartest breeds, but the Border Collies are K9 rocket specialists. Often considered the smartest dog in the world, the Border Collie is known for its skills in herding sheep herds. A tireless endurance and the need to keep busy with any task that presents itself to them.

It is said that these quick-witted dogs can find loopholes to get out of their enclosures by opening locked doors and unlocking portals.

10. Raton Washer

In North America, he even looks like a bandit. So it’s not surprising that you’re looking for food in the garbage or you’re harmful to people. However, the raccoon also has, perhaps, an amazing intelligence. Studies have shown that these intelligent beasts have been able to remember solutions to complex problems and even identify and differentiate different symbols up to three years after learning them.

Some experts also reported that raccoons performed very well in a mammalian IQ test. Well done to you, wonderful masked mammals.