The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs Reality)

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The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs Reality) When we see those postcard pictures of incredible, beautiful, and paradisiacal places, it makes us want to sell everything we have at home to buy a ticket and fly there. But millions of people around the world have the same feeling.


That is why it is very probable that when you travel to some of these incredible places you will find two situations: either you were very lucky and you find them as you dreamed, or you will find yourself with thousands of other tourists in the same situation.

1. The Chinese Wall

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

It is one of the 7 wonders of the world, the only man-made work that can be seen from outer space, and one of the most majestic constructions that exist.


Can you imagine yourself walking along that winding road, the expectations are great? A beautiful view, an unparalleled walk along the ancient wall surrounded by a lot of history and grandeur.

Well, hopefully, you will be very lucky, because in reality tourism all over the world works with “packages” and groups of tourists, and when they all coincide at the same time you can find yourself in a stampede like this one. And what do the guides of each group do, they walk around with megaphones or shouting to gather them and tell them the story…. you will need a lot of patience.

2. Machu Picchu (Peru)

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

There is no doubt that it is one of the wonders of Latin America, a mysterious place. Expectations range from an adventure among mountains, nature, contemplating a landscape from above, to playing with the llamas.

We always see pictures of people with a peaceful face and they look as if they were made with the Inca ruins behind them. Who doesn’t want to experience that? Sitting on a rock and admiring the landscape feeling the Andean breeze.


What no one tells you is the rows you have to make and that the walk can be heavy if you are not in good physical shape.

Besides the great influx of tourists, it has been reported that their behavior is not the best. In 2014, four people from the United States were arrested for stripping and posing in photos at the site. Also, two Canadians and two Australians were arrested for taking off their clothes to take pictures at Machu Picchu.

3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

When they call you Brazil you automatically think of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, with caipirinhas and samba.

It’s true, samba and its derivatives such as ‘pagode’ are the predominant rhythms in this carnival-like city, and if you go to the beach, of course, you’ll find caipirinhas and other cachaça-based。 drinks.
The reality is that the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are the most visited of this city and reaching them you will find the abrupt inequality that exists in this city. Basically, these beaches are for tourists, the poverty and pollution of Rio de Janeiro can leave you perplexed.

Not to mention, that the water of Rio’s beaches is not very clean, in fact, warned about the toxicity of them. In Brazil, there are other beaches not so famous, but thousand times more beautiful and clean than those of Rio.

4. The Mona Lisa at the Louvre (Paris)

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

The Mona Lisa is perhaps Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous and mysterious work, as well as several theories about who the woman in the portrait is.

Culture and art lovers always have on their list a visit to this lady in the Louvre museum, the expectation of seeing her face to face, and being able to admire her is enormous.
But since she is in a museum, she is very well protected and you have to see her from a few meters away. The painting is protected by security systems, is constantly checked to verify and prevent its deterioration, and is air-conditioned at a stable temperature for optimum preservation.

It also attracts thousands of tourists looking for the best place to take a picture. So, good luck!

5. St. Peter’s Square (Vatican)

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

It is clear that if you want to admire the square you cannot go on a religious holiday, since up to 300,000 parishioners can gather there to listen to the Pope. Leaving it aside, just seeing that it was so peaceful, with St. Peter’s Basilica, that you would want to take a book and sit on one of the steps to spend the afternoon.

But with or without the liturgy, the lines of tourists are just waiting for you. All want to admire its 284 columns and 88 pilasters that stand along the square, as well as 140 statues of saints, made in 1670 by students from Bernini, and of course, those who want to enter the。 basilica.

6. Stonehenge (England)

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

This monument will make anyone fall in love, its mysteries and majesty make it a unique destination, besides it is located near London.

For many, the expectation is even greater at the summer solstice, one of the most celebrated pagan festivals in the world. It’s a magical place to recharge your batteries while celebrating the arrival of summer.

But if you go to the solstice, you will meet thousands of other tourists, but this is not the biggest problem. So far the experience is not as mystical as you would imagine, because, despite the extensive green and unconstructed environment, there is a road that passes through here and with constant traffic. which drives 24,000 vehicles per day. The sight, noise, and lights, damage all the charm.

The good thing is that after years of debate, in the first days of 2017 the construction of a double-lane tunnel was approved, which will end the traffic jams and allow for better enjoyment and。 preservation of this majestic place.

7. Thailand.

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

Nothing is more heavenly than the beaches of Thailand and if Leonardo Di Caprio taught us anything it is that we would like to live on a beach away from Everything, in a tropical paradise, is full of tranquility and natural beauty.
But with ‘The Beach’ by Leo di Caprio we also learned that not everything is as it seems, except when thousands of people have the same expectation and meet in. Among the most beautiful touristy places in the world.
Let’s see if you can find a place to stay on this beach.

8. The Taj Mahal (India)

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

Did you know that it is a mausoleum built for love? That romantic story adds a different component, besides the beauty of the construction.

The king suffered the worst tragedy of his life. His beloved Mumtaz Mahal, did not resist the birth of his 14th daughter and on his deathbed, the queen asked him to build in her memory a monument without equal in the world. And the king did his will.

The mausoleum of Taj Mahal has that name in honor of his wife and means Pearl of the Palace and although it is a tomb, it is a beautiful place without equal.
Actually this mausoleum is in danger, because its foundations are undergoing a process of deterioration, due to its age and the decomposition caused by the highly contaminated river that borders it.

9. The Pyramids of Egypt

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

Who doesn’t want to go to the land of the pharaohs where the most majestic man-made constructions in history stand? It is the dream vacation to find some spirituality and introspection.
The expectations are high but as we already know they are places where many people go, you can eliminate tranquility from the list. Another factor is that Egypt has many tourist sites and what is usually done is to pay for a “package” that includes many options.

You must take into account that it will be exhausting days, getting up at dawn to travel hundreds of kilometers by road under the sun and the sand, visiting one monument after another (wonderful, of course), visit a monument (wonderful, of course). You have to go with a lot of energy and money because you live on tips.

10. Greece

The 10 Most Tourist Destinations in the World (Expectation vs. Reality)

Greece has it all, it’s the complete package: incredible landscapes, history, architecture, culture, mythology, romanticism and it’s breathtaking.

The expectation of listening to zithers, while the wisdom of the ancient Greeks creeps into your body, suddenly you feel more philosophical than Socrates and more powerful than Zeus. It’s an irresistible fate.
In fact, you may know that Greece has been through economic troubles and that may affect your visit. For example, financial transactions can affect you and you may have to wait longer in line at an ATM to withdraw your money.

Although this is an advantage, the prices of reservations, hotels, and so on have dropped considerably. The crisis favors travelers who are not from the Eurozone, they enjoy cheaper prices.