Scientists have discovered an ancient supermassive black hole blazer that is headed to Earth.

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Ancient Universe may be a truly mysterious place and we’re only beginning to grasp what could are happening there at the dawn of times.

One theory suggests that it had been chock-full of the supermassive black holes that spewed energy all around after devouring surrounding gas, star, and matter. Remnants of these distant times can still be observed if the astronomers are lucky enough to intercept one among those ‘radio-loud’ supermassive black holes shining brightly within the darkness of the Universe.

it’s presumably to happen when the SMBH is pointed right at us. And guess what? One such region, called blazar thanks to its orientation towards Earth, was recently found by astronomers!

We have found blazars before, just like the one within the Cygnus A galaxy that’s really not that far away from Milky Way, but now astronomers have spotted a way more ancient supermassive region that’s 1 billion times bigger than the Sun.

It’s one among the oldest primeval SMBHs ever found by scientists, dating back to the very beginning of the Universe after the large bang, which supposedly happened around 13.8 billion years ago.

The region, which is believed to be 900 million years old, has become a strong galactic engine that has blasted two superhot jets of matter in both directions, one among which is directed at Earth.

As crazy because it may sound, this happens very often within the Universe, which made astronomers come up with a special name for such black holes – blazars. Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to detect these ancient beasts!