First date advice: 8 signs show if it was a good first date

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The world of dating can be quite confusing. On the one hand, it seems obvious that you can know if it was a good or a bad date, but on the other hand, you cannot be sure because of excessive reflection, clumsiness, and the fact that you are simply trying to understand what the other person is thinking or why they are acting in a certain way. First appointments are particularly difficult to pin down because most of the time, you don’t know the person well and don’t know how to interpret their behavior. Some people talk a lot when they are comfortable and having fun, others enjoy a comfortable silence. Some people speak out of nervousness, others remain silent for the same reason. So here is the first date advice: 8 signs show if it was a good first date.


1. You felt comfortable

First date advice: 8 signs show if it was a good first date

The initial discomfort is acceptable on the first date, that’s how we all feel when we go out with someone for the first time. But if, after 15 to 20 minutes, you felt comfortable with the person you were meeting with, that’s a good sign. In general, this is always a good sign if you feel comfortable enough to be yourself and say what you think without feeling uncomfortable.

2. You both talked about it in much the same way

First date advice: 8 signs show if it was a good first date

The purpose of an appointment is to get to know each other better and that means that you both have to talk for this to happen. So if you feel like you’ve both told stories about yourself in turn and you’ve both talked about the same thing, that’s also a good sign. You never want to be the only one talking, just as you don’t want to be a silent participant who has to hear a person talking about themselves all the time.


3. You find the same things funny

There’s nothing worse than having an appointment with someone who doesn’t match your sense of humor. So if you both laugh at the same jokes, find the same things hilarious, and usually feel like you’re on the same page when it comes to humor, that’s a good sign.

4. You didn’t scroll through your phone

It may seem odd, considering that nowadays we spend most of our time on the phone, but not reaching out for entertainment is a good sign. This means that you were engaged in conversation and had a good time on a date instead of getting bored and scrolling through Instagram to keep you busy. The occasional use of a phone to take a picture together or to show an smth reference does not count, that’s good, we know it’s almost impossible not to use a phone at all.

5. You seemed satisfied and happy

It’s definitely a good thing if a person seems happy with his life and has nice things to say about it. Yes, sometimes you can make connections by not liking the same thing, but if the person spends the whole evening complaining about their life, work, or previous relationships – it’s not great.

6. You looked cold even when faced with drawbacks

You do not want to see a collapse on the first day, or on any date for that matter. So if the person you dated seemed calm, calm, and positive even when things didn’t go as planned – that’s a very good sign. You want someone who takes matters into their own hands and keeps a cool head in stressful situations.


7. The date was longer than expected

We all tend to run away when we feel uncomfortable. So if you didn’t have to call a friend or simulate an emergency and you felt like time was passing fast and suddenly it was much later than expected, it was a good appointment.

8. You plan to see them again

First date advice: 8 signs show if it was a good first date

And we don’t want to say “we should do it again” and run away. If you really want to see them again and you’ve sent each other messages and made plans for the next date that excite you both, you know it’s a good appointment.