Best Safari Destinations: Africa

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When people decide to plan their vacation, many opt for the opportunity to visit a tropical destination where they can spend all their time by a pool. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this (we like a good pool), there are many options that you can also use. If you’re looking for a more unique experience, you might want to consider going on an adventure on a safari. There are so many incredible landscapes and many opportunities to observe the flora and fauna during your safari. Africa offers a lot of safari opportunities, so here are a few regions you can choose from. Best Safari Destinations: Africa

Best Safari Destinations: Africa


One of the many advantages of visiting Botswana is that the country enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year! The time of year you visit will determine which wildlife you will see, but no matter when you go, you will be guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Best Safari Destinations: Africa

For a very distant experience, you can stay at Sable Alley, which is located in the Khwai Private Reserve, one of the country’s most diverse habitats. If you still want to spend a holiday by the pool, this is the perfect place to do it.

For a less luxurious and more affordable option, Meno a Kwena is another great option, as it is located right on the Boteti River.


The best time to visit Kenya is from the end of June to October. For an old-world experience, you can try the Cottar safari camp in Kenya in the 1920s. With its incredible rooftop terraces, you can admire the beautiful lush landscapes.

Best Safari Destinations: Africa

For those who like to live the great life, you can visit Maasai Mara, where you can discover Sir Richard Branson’s private Mahali Mzuri camp. It is as luxurious and exclusive as you can imagine.

Of course, the Giraffe Manor Safari Collection is known as one of the most popular attractions, and for good reason! It’s certainly a surreal experience to live, in the best way possible. Located just outside Nairobi, you could take a two-day trip and spend the night there.


If you are planning to visit Namibia, the best time to plan the trip is from June to August. Namibia offers incredible landscapes that are a little different from other places in Africa. Here you can see open deserts that stretch for miles.

Best Safari Destinations: Africa

If you’re looking for a place to stay, you can try Wolwedans Dune Lodge. Be sure to take a drive when you come here to discover all the incredible and varied landscapes of this beautiful country. Of course, you should also visit the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp during your stay.

South Africa

Best Safari Destinations: Africa

If you want to go to South Africa for a safari, the best time to do so is in winter, which runs from May to September. For an amazing experience, visit the Lion Sands Ivory Lodge and Treehouses, where you can rent a treehouse under the stars. Don’t forget to visit Kruger National Park, and you can stay in the area at the Royal Malewane.

You must do everything in your power to see the Big Five: African elephants, African lions, African leopards, Cape buffaloes and rhinos. To do this, you can visit the Gondwana Hunting Reserve.

For a luxurious safari experience, one of the best is Cheetah Plains, which is located right next to Kruger National Park and offers incredible wildlife sightings.