8 Ways Will keep You Having Fun While Broke

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This year, a lot of us are squeezing with pennies. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – when the economy is uncertain, it’s smart not to brag too much. That said, it can get pretty boring to stay locked up in the house. Instead of becoming a full-fledged antisocial recluse, you can satisfy your social and cultural needs through numerous other activities. Don’t worry – we’ve also included some hermit-friendly pickaxes in case it’s cold outside and you should be cozy. Here are our top picks of some ways will keep you having fun while broke


1. Take a virtual lesson online

8 Ways Will keep You Having Fun While Broke
8 Ways Will keep You Having Fun While Broke

Whether it’s a fitness class or a cooking class, virtual lessons are the way of the future, post-COVID. You can turn this into a fun hammock with friends or a romantic date. Virtual art and photography classes are even available.

2. Have a good old fashioned slumber party

Hanging out with friends and drinking tea (or something stronger) while spilling the tea is one of the most stress-reducing things you can do. Take them in the morning for coffee and brunch,


3. Go on the road

The reconnection with nature never disappoints us, and it is always free. Explore the nooks and crannies of your area, or drive someone more secluded for fresh air and a walk that pumps blood. Plus, soaking in a beautiful, tree-like or mountainous view does wonders for your mental health and soul.

4. Rinse your closet clean

Do a Marie Kondo and clean up your closet, donate or throw what doesn’t make you “happy”. There’s nothing like a good closet cleaning to make us feel brand new. It is the ultimate way to perfect your “capsule wardrobe”. This is a concept that allows you to build many outfits over strategic basic pieces mixed with high quality garments. Also, if you coordinate a closet with friends, you can end up with some new clothes without spending any money.

5. Do a Netflix night theme

This is always a timeless activity with your love, friends, or all the best company which is yourself. You can choose a theme of ten years (80s, 90s, early 2000s) or go gangster, rom-com, children’s favorites… the possibilities here are infinite. You can also dress up – who said the costumes were only for Halloween.

6. Learn to cook something new instead of takeaway

Many of us have become addicted to the takeaway train during the pandemic, but there is something so satisfying (and entertaining) about making dinner at home. Find a classic comfort food your mother used to make, or something you’ve always wanted to try.


7. Watch the free online tutorials

Who more needs school to learn something? There are many online lessons and tutorials to teach you everything from earning multiple income streams to woodworking. Plus, these are all ways to develop skills that can help you to invest in your future.

8. Have a dance party in your house

There’s nothing super special about listening to music, although it can be entertaining. What’s even more fun is the freedom to dance around your house in whatever you want, a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. You can clean the house more than once if you wish, but we prefer to be as unproductive as possible if you do.

Having Fun While Broke


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