7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

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Exercise is the most of the cornerstones for the 7 best weight loss. According to Self magazine, you should eat right, do exercise part of your routine, push yourself to exercise, and find something you like. If you can reach each of them, you have a good chance of losing weight.

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Not all exercises are created equal, so there are some exercises that will help you lose weight most effectively. Keep in mind that if you are not engaged regularly, you need to start slowly and build weight.

You may not be physically able to do some of these seven exercises, but you can follow the suggestions on the intensity that accompany each exercise.


Get ready to burn some fat!

7. Rope Jump

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Women’s Health recommends jumping on the rope as the main fat burner. If you can jump at 120 passes per minute, you’ll burn between 667 and 990 calories per hour. As a side advantage, it tones the whole body!
Your rope should be long enough for the handles to be at shoulder level when the noose touches the ground. Jump over the rope. Jump for one minute, rest, and repeat. Increase your time and speed. Very speed and intensity for the greatest effect.

6. High-intensity interval training

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Running sprints can burn almost as many calories as a jumping rope. You don’t just have to go miles or times. Instead, run as hard as possible for 20 seconds, run for 40 seconds, and repeat.
The recovery period is very important. Don’t miss it! This type of training is called high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It pushes your body and helps you burn fat.

You can do HIIT while cycling or on stationary bikes while walking and other types of exercise.


5. Weight training

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Resistance training builds up muscles and burns fat. It also increases metabolism during rest and helps burn calories even when you are not exercising. Weight training takes place three times a week and changes their repetitions or weights every three weeks.
For example, lift 20 pounds and three sets of fifteen, then increase the weight by five pounds and reduce it to three sets of ten, then reduce the weight by five pounds and increase it to three sets of twenty.

4. Boxing and kickboxing

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Boxing and kickboxing are forms of interval training where you may not anticipate intervals, making them more challenging. Learning how to beat properly, you use both the core and the hands.
Spar for ninety seconds and rest for twenty seconds. Training with other people is a lot of fun and a good teacher will keep you moving and motivating.

Boxing is not just standing and beat. There are many movements, evasion, and weaving, or, as Ali used to say, “move like a butterfly…”.

3. Kettle balls

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Balls for teapots existed for a long time – they were popular in the late 1800s as gentle exercises. In fact, the effect of HIIT tea balls training has been going on for 36 hours!
Experts suggest switching from the upper to the lower body workout without a period of rest to achieve maximum efficiency. Make three moves and switch.

Make sure you learn how to exercise properly for safety and maximum training. Exercise with minimal impact on the whole body and the intensity of fat burning.

2. Running

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

The least equipment that requires training. Only make sure your shoes are of good quality! Vary the speed of running or use the hills to increase your exercise.
Scary treadmills and elliptical machines are great for indoor training, which allows you to add hills. Pull the muscles of the buttocks and thighs into the additional calorie burning.

If you can’t run, climb up hills, change speed, and you can still get the appropriate age or injury during training.

1. Lunges

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Large muscles in the legs and ass are used to maximize calorie burning. Start by the fact that the legs will be divided into the width of the hip, and the hands-on the bone. Step forward with one leg.
Keep your back straight, lower the body until you form a 90-degree angle between the front and back legs. Go straight and take a step back. Repeat with the other leg. Make ten times on the side for three sets.
If you can’t go all the way, do what you can. Over time, you will see an improvement.


7 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Eat properly – it means cutting calories and making sure every calorie is working for you and not against you. Find anything you like to do, and stick to it.

Vary the intensity of your workouts, both during your workout and what you do. Use a big muscle to your advantage. Your ass, hips and core should be used to maximize fat burning.

If you have physical limitations, you can still train within these limits. Find a good trainer who will teach you how to do exercises and build a program for you. Start slowly and build.

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