6 diseases that could be cured in the near future

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6 diseases that could be cured in the near future

Finding cures for diseases is one of the most important things scientists and medical researchers do. The steps they take improve the lives of people who would otherwise spend their days suffering from chronic pain.

Here are some of the diseases that scientists believe will be cured in the not-so-distant future. Thanks to new medical breakthroughs, a pleasant ending could be in sight for people suffering from these devastating conditions.


6 diseases that could be cured in the near future

HIV has proven to be a notoriously difficult disease to treat. As it is a virus, it is constantly evolving, but scientists have found ways to reduce its effects. According to some researchers, we could achieve a full cure for HIV at some point in the next ten years.


While this is not a major concern for the people of the United States, malaria is a major killer elsewhere in the world. Nearly 207 million people are infected with malaria each year, and contracting the disease has deadly consequences. A vaccine was tested and was found to be 46% effective.


Pulmonary tuberculosis is a deadly disease that affects the lungs and is resistant to almost all vaccines. With more and more cases of antibiotic-resistant TB, medical researchers are working to find a cure for this infectious disease, and they are getting closer to it. The new trials are going extremely well.


6 diseases that could be cured in the near future

Some time ago, the fear of Ebola in the United States weighed heavily on our minds. This disease is deadly and highly contagious, so a cure must be found. Trials are currently underway in other countries to see if they can find a cure for this horrible virus.


As one of the most studied diseases in the world, it makes sense that oncologists should be closer than ever to finding a cure. There are already effective methods of cancer prevention, such as the HPV vaccine that protects against cervical cancer, and the hepatitis vaccine that protects against liver cancer. Although we need to focus on prevention, for now, we are light years away from our starting point.

Alzheimer’s disease

6 diseases that could be cured in the near future

Alzheimer’s researchers have recently made a huge breakthrough. Scientists have discovered a chemical that could stop brain tissue from dying, preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Many scientists believe that this disease will not be cured for another 15 years.

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We can only wish that their guesstimates are correct. Would life be much better if we didn’t have to deal with these diseases? We may soon know!