12 signs that your lover wants to be with you for the rest of his life.

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Women like to rush and start planning the wedding of their dreams long before they have found their beloved Prince Charming. It’s a little different for men, as they start thinking about settling down only after finding their one and only. So how do you know if they’re ready to get married or at least move in together? There are signs that he is totally in love with you and that he cannot think of anyone else next to him. Men are not very good at talking about their emotions, but what they know how to do is act on them. Here are 12 signs that your lover wants to be with you for the rest of his life.

12. He’s planning his life around you.

He doesn’t turn down distant jobs just because some woman is good at cooking. If he decides to stay as close to you as possible, it is a sure sign that he wants you to be in his life for sure. If you haven’t moved in together yet, he might be already started talking about it. The more serious he is with you, the better!

11. He talks more about “us” than “I.”

When a man often talks about what you do together as a couple, it’s a sure sign that he sees you spending a lot of time together. In fact, he’s apparently thinking about consuming the rest of his life with you! This means that he sees you both as one entity and that his single time is far behind. This is one of the best signs!

10. He doesn’t mind spending time at home

It’s good when you can have fun with your boyfriend, but what really matters is when you can both become domestic servants at home while having a good time. You may not be living together yet, but you already have your belongings stashed in his apartment and you enjoy each other’s company while shopping, preparing meals, and watching movies.

9. He’s with you even when things aren’t going too well

If your man is not afraid to be there when you touch the bottom, it is a sure sign that he cherishes you more than anything. It’s easy to be together when things are going well, but you have to be very careful and dedicated to getting through the hard times. This means that you can overcome all the problems together, and that is more than we can ask for.

8. You buy something together

Whether it’s a dog, a gadget, or a new home, buying things together and sharing responsibilities means you’re in a long-term relationship. First, you raise a dog together, and then, who knows, maybe you’ll have children too?

7. You’re part of his family.

If you have reached the stage of relationships where you are supposed to attend his family reunions, you are doing something right. We often miss that moment when we are part of the family, overcoming the embarrassment of meeting his mother and father for special occasions. Hey, now you’re probably meeting them just to have fun together as you do with your own family!