12 best TV shows to watch

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If you are one of those people who are currently stuck at home and trying to find a solution to take advantage of the abundance of free time they have, fear not, because there are enough TV shows for a lifetime. This is the moment when you can finally indulge in the frenzy of watching all those cool and fun show that you’ve never had the chance to see because of your work and your various outdoor activities. It’s time to do it! From the latest fantasy TV hits like The Witcher and Game of Thrones to upbeat sitcoms like Marvellous Mrs. Maisel and The Good Place, I present 12 of the best TV shows to watch while you’re sitting at home.


Game of Thrones

12 best TV shows to watch in secret while you’re sitting at home

Game of Thrones has it all: a mind-blowing plot with many twists and turns, love, drama, breathtaking battles, dragons, frightening magic dead, and an extremely believable medieval setting that brings all the characters and their political games together. It’s just too telling! But there are enough fancy elements to be very entertaining.

You will fall in love with characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen who are trying to do the right thing, and you will absolutely hate others like Joffrey Baratheon who are the embodiment of violence and sadism. In any case, you will not remain indifferent!


Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

There really is something special about the vampire-fighting chart of the 90s that kept the audience glued to the screens during its broadcast. Buffy, a teenage schoolgirl, leads a normal life until her fate catches up with her with the new title “Slayer”.

With the help of a group of friends and a librarian, she must save the world, fight evil, and continue to do her homework like all normal children. All the characters are fun to watch and the plot has enough twists to entertain you.

Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

Imagine a 1950s woman living in New York, with a perfect family, including a husband, trying to become a stand-up comedian, a bunch of kids, and a rich house, until the day the husband cheats on her and finds herself pouring her heart on stage in a stand-up show.

Apparently, she’s brilliant in this field! So much so, in fact, that she decides to make it a career. The show is full of a lot of humor, ironic puns, and particular plot twists.


The right place

12 best TV shows to watch in secret while you’re sitting at home

If you’ve ever wondered what’s on the other side, well, the Good Place might have an answer… Eleanor Shellstrop is left dead (which is not a very good thing), but in a kind of paradise (a very good thing).

Its only problem is that some kind of mistake was made by the heavenly bureaucratic system and it was not very good in its lifetime. Of course, she wants to hide it, but becoming a good person is not so easy! This upbeat comedy will certainly make you smile more than once.

The Witcher

If you’re a fan of the most brutal style of the fantasy genre, you’ll love The Witcher. Its captivating plot will devour you all, transporting you into a world filled with witches, wizards, genetic experiments, monsters of all kinds, dramas, love stories, and many humorous situations that present themselves as a precious comic relief in a world filled with bloodthirsty beasts.

The Wizard is that every guy who has to take care of the evil creatures and does it to earn a living. But there are bigger intrigues going on all around him and the whole world is in danger.

Sherlock BBC

With 3 full seasons and 13 episodes in all, Sherlock features mind-blowing plots, charismatic and evil brains, and a stellar performance by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch himself.

If you were wondering where and when Cumberbatch’s hype started, it’s here! Well, among other things. The whole BBC Sherlock team is amazing and you will be fascinated by the twists and turns of the detective’s mind.

Strange things

12 best TV shows to watch in secret while you’re sitting at home

If you’re a fan of 80s thrillers and 90s horror movies, then this TV show is perfect for your liking.

With a strong (but not overwhelming) aura from Stephen King, Stranger Things immerses itself in anything that is scary, mysterious, and downright scary. All this from the children’s point of view, which gives the show a very special nostalgic aspect. It now has three seasons, all very well received by critics.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is science fiction at its best – an intelligent, ironic, and sometimes incredibly frightening representation of dreams, fears, and variations of the near future of our society.

They present everything from social media to artificial intelligence, to the loss of identity and the complete abandonment of technology. Whatever future you can imagine, whether it’s wonderful or horrible, it’s probably in one of the Black Mirror episodes!

Doctor who

The Doctor may seem a little too greedy all at once, but once you’ve become familiar with the Doctor’s eclectic, fun, and spatial world, you won’t want to leave him. The show began as early as 1963 and has seen many Doctors change over time. Good news – it’s all part of the canon!

This adventurous, time-traveling alien can regenerate, and when he does, we see a new face, a new bow, and a whole new series of thrilling and mind-blowing dramatic adventures. The Doctor travels through time and space, visiting worlds you could never imagine, solving mysteries, and helping those in trouble. What’s not to like?

The mysteries of Miss Fisher’s murder

12 best TV shows to watch in secret while you’re sitting at home

If you need light detective work and you don’t mind watching a beautiful woman solve crimes and show off her detective skills, then this show is definitely worth spending time on.

Meet Phryne Fisher, Melbourne’s best detective in the 1920s. She is rarely officially hired for a case, but always seems to be at the heart of the action. There are a lot of beautiful tap outfits, a little jazz, a little romance, all sprinkled with intelligent dialogues and witty remarks.


12 best TV shows to watch

Farscape is one of those lesser-known, best-known late 90s sci-fi shows that will certainly keep you entertained for hours. John Crichton, an American astronaut, finds himself thrown into the other part of the Universe while a space experiment goes wrong. He is collected by a group of rebellious aliens who, like him, don’t really have a place to go.

As he tries to find a way home, John takes part in mind-blowing adventures and visits worlds he never thought possible, teaming up with various creatures and aliens of all kinds.

The expanse

If you’re looking for Game of Thrones, but in a sci-fi setting of the distant future, it’s here! The Expanse is a masterfully crafted science fiction show that tells the story of a fully colonized solar system, filled with rivalries and struggles for resources and a better way of life.

Officer James Holden finds himself in the middle of a horrific conspiracy involving a deadly virus, Mars rebels, and a plot to overthrow the government. The twists and turns of the show will literally turn your head!